About NLUT

About Institute

The National Law University Tripura, established by Act No. 3 of 2022 of Tripura is a national institution of excellence in legal education located in the green capital city of Agartala. It is a milestone in the field of legal education and research in the State of Tripura for improving the quality of professional legal education. At present NLU Tripura is housed in the beautiful campus of Tripura Judicial Academy with state of the art facilities for teaching and research. The pristine environment of Agartala affords ideal conditions for the pursuit of knowledge. The objectives of NLU Tripura, inter alia, as per Section 4 of the NLU Act are namely:

(a) To strengthen, promote and propagate the basis and ideals of a polity established and governed by law;

(b) To advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of law, legal procedures and processes and Law's role in national development;

(c) To develop in the students and research scholars, a sense of responsibility to serve society by developing skills in advocacy, judicial, other legal services, legislation, judicial reforms and the like.


>NLU Tripura has been established with a vision to impart globally competitive legal education with a primary focus on nurturing lawyers for the tech age, corporate needs of the market, social needs and for meaningfully contributing towards modern day law and policy making in the country. The University is committed to inculcate a strong sense of justice, social, economic and political among students as well as the faculty members. It aspires to enrich the bar and the bench by imparting justice education. It adopts an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary pedagogical approach. The academic activities of the University will directly benefit the local communities through legal aid programs and social outreach activities


Creation of a democratic legal knowledge to support and facilitate the development of Tripuri people guides the research ambition of NLU Tripura. Promoting a culture of scientific inquiry that can help in improving the socio-economic indicators of the State of Tripura at comparative global standards is at the heart of its research concerns. NLU Tripura is committed to work with the Government of Tripura, members of the Legislative Assembly, the Legislative Council and all stakeholders of law enforcement and planning in contributing towards enriching the Legal Infrastructure of the State of Tripura in a meaningful way. The research ethos of NLU Tripura will drive the national efforts to integrate law and social sciences and resolve vexed legal problems amicably.