Campus Cultural Committee (CCC)

NLU Tripura’s Culture Committee is a student-run group dedicated to fostering diversity and cultural awareness on campus. It aims to inculcate and imbibe in the students the concept of Unity in Diversity and enable them to develop the organizational skills. It strives to become a committee that can give a platform to the students to showcase their creative acumen while giving importance to the rich cultural heritage of the country.The Committee aims to promote a harmonious atmosphere in the campus by engaging the students who comes from different and diverse cultural background of Indian states and from foreign nations too. The campus of NLU Tripura is truly a replica of India with students, staffs and teachers representing more than 20 states of India. It is not the physical boundary, rather the extension of cultural horizon that create a sense of being together and bonding for achieving an excellency at personal front and as an institution as a whole.The cultural committee organizes various events throughout the year to harness the creative expressive minds and skills of the students. More the students are able to join in the creative expressions the sense of accomplishment inculcates values for nurturing, caring for others and for nature. The tune of music, the colours of painting, the expressions of drama, the lines of poetry and the mystical steps of dance all together is the rainbow of cultural committee with several clubs within it.Overall, the Culture Committee is essential in fostering inclusivity and diversity of culture at our university.

Contact the committee representatives if you have any inquiries or suggestions for cultural events and activities.