Campus Development Committee (CDC)

University's Campus Development Committeethat oversees organizing and directing the expansion and development of campus is an essential component of university. The committee consist of students, faculty and staff who seeks to build a culture at the institution that is secure, sustainable, and friendly to everyone.The committee oversees creation and implementation of campus master plans, which guide the longand short-term physical development of the campus. This involves assessing the current condition of the campus, identifying areas for potential improvement and creating an action plan to address these issues. In addition to building construction and repair, landscaping, infrastructural improvements, and environmental sustainability programs are all under the control of the Campus Development Committee. The committee also ensures that new development complies with environmental norms, as well as municipal and state laws.The committee's main objective is to make the University’s campus secure and easily accessible.

The CDC is committed towards sustainability, increasing energy efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint of the university. All facets of campus development, such as building design, landscaping, waste management, and transportation, are being worked on to incorporate sustainable techniques.Overall, our university’s future is greatly influenced by the Campus Development Committee. Their efforts ensure that the needs of our diverse community are met while maintaining a secure, sustainable, and inclusive environment on campus.

Contact the committee representatives if you have any queries or concerns about campus development.