Centre for Consumer Law and Advocacy

Consumer protection has gained a lot of significant importance all over the world in recent years, and this positive effect has also impacted India.  As a result, consumer protection has become a vital subject in today’s Indian scenario. Consumer Protection Law in India has been undergoing its own set of changes in the dynamic market India. The Centre for Consumer Protection Law and Practice aims to promote research into contemporary consumer issues and explore possible ways to address with the country’s legal framework. The Centre will further the vision of the Indian government in the field of consumer welfare and protection. It also aims to develop and research consumer rights awareness and bridge the gap of field research and materially altered outcomes as a result of reforms. The Centre will also research grievance redressal mechanisms and provide the required structure for possible reforms. This can result in better interaction between businesses and consumers. It will assist in grievance redressal through mediation and engage the scholarly community and various other practitioners in the study of consumer rights. The Centre aims at expanding its horizon through interaction with various other similar establishments in the country.