Literary and Debating Society (LDS)

Welcome to the Literary and Debating Society, a vibrant and thought-provoking group at NLU Tripura! We strive to encourage critical thinking, improve public speaking abilities, and foster an appreciation for literature and current events as part of our culture.We invited you to join our society if you are enthusiastic about learning about various viewpoints, participating in deliberative discussions, and improving their communication skills. We offer something for everyone, whether you are an experienced debater or a complete newcomer to public speaking. Our society's weekly debate meetings, where members engaged in challenging conversations about a range of subjects, from legal matters to social and political issues, are among the highlights. These discussions provide a great opportunity to develop argumentative abilities, gain confidence, and expand knowledge on a wide range of topics.Along with hosting discussions, we also host variety of literary events, such as book clubs, poetry readings, and writing workshops. These gatherings are intended to foster a passion for reading and writing while giving participants a venue to express themselves and interact with various artistic mediums.

Our society also takes part in local, national, and worldwide debating competitions, giving members the chance to represent our university and demonstrate their abilities on a big stage. These contests are a great opportunity to push yourself, connect with people from various universities, and gain valuable experience in critical thinking and public speaking.In addition, our society is committed to promoting civic responsibility, social awareness, and participation in current events. We frequently host seminars and roundtable discussions on important social and political problems, bringing in subject-matter experts from various sectors to share their viewpoints and thoughts.

We cordially invite you to become a part of our lively community of literary enthusiasts.