Moot Court Society (MCS)

The Moot Court Society at NLU Tripura is a student-faculty-run organization that provides law students a platform to develop their oral advocacy and argumentation skills. The organization is made up of students who are eager to enhance their legal argument skills in a mock courtroom setting. The Moot Court Society provides law students with a variety of options, such as intra- and inter-university moot court tournaments, where students present fictitious legal cases to judges and attorneys. Students get the opportunity to hone their legal research, writing, and argumentative skills in competitions that simulate actual courtroom situations.Through their engagement with the community, law students learn to gain a profound understanding of legal ideas, procedural regulations, and judicial procedures.

The Moot Court Society is committed to provide students a competitive and demanding atmosphere that promotes professionalism, growth, and development. The society also aims to create a community of passionate and motivated law students who are committed to the highest calibre of legal advocacy.The Moot Court Society actively promotes the use of moot court as a mechanism for legal advocacy and education, both on and off campus. We plan activities and seminars to spread the word about the advantages of moot court and give students the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

Do not hesitate to contact the society representatives if you require any help or if you wish to join the organization.