The Public Relation and Media Committee (PRMC) 

The Public Relation and Media Committee of NLU Tripura is the interface between the University and external entities viz. media, other institutions, legal and corporate world etc. It aims at creating, fostering and managing professional relations with each of these entities.The committee will ensure the coverage of all University eventsby sending press releases to print and digital media, and posts updates on social media about all campus activities such as blood donation camps, expert lectures, panel discussion, entrepreneur meets, student achievements and university performance. The committee will also be interviewing guests, industry leaders, and lecturers on the latest emerging legal issues and global trend. The PR and Media Committee intends to make a prominent presence of NLU Tripura across several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The committee will introduce various ways to engage with the audience through Facebook interactions/comments, twitter retweets, YouTube Interactions/ Comments, and blog comments.

Contact the committee representatives if you have any queries, concerns or suggestions.