University Sports Committee (USC)

The Sports Committee of NLU Tripura is a student-run committee constituted with the primary object to inculcate a culture in the campus with the strong affirming belief that sports knows no bounds. The committee embraces the values which extend the idea of sportsmanship, while building the foundation for excellence, teamwork and leadership. The Committee aims to motivate the student community to participate in competitive sports as well as other recreational activities. It facilitates a conducive environment for the students to enhance their skills as well as learn new sports.The Committee intends to host intra-university events initially and inter-university flagship sport event in future. The committee works to ensure that each sporting event is conducted to develop qualities of sportsmanship, team spirit, and bonding. With these, the committee strives to ensure the holistic development of all students while leaning into the idea that sports play a pivotal role in shaping our professional and personal lives going forward.

Contact the committee representatives if you have any inquiries or suggestions for sports events and activities.