Centre for Cyber Law and Forensics

The evolution of technology has provided the world with a plethora of ideas and mechanisms that assist humans efficiently and accurately completing tasks. However, as it is often said, the extreme of anything is unappreciated. There has been much debate about the safety of people and the security of information. The Internet has become a source dependence and ignorance, but it is necessary to have effective laws in place to address these issues. This centre provides an excellent platform for students, scholars, and professionals to thoroughly understand and explore the world of cyber security. The Centre is focused on cyberspace and aligned with law. The law works closely with forensics, which is why this centre has been established. The goal is to explore the potential of this space and come up with ideas to identify and solve problems if any. The centre will be equipped with the necessary resources to enable into various aspects of cybersecurity, ranging from the legal framework surrounding it to the various techniques used in forensic investigations.