Centre for Environment Law and Climate Change

The issues of environmental degradation and climate change are not entirely new to the world. The need for awareness and understanding in this regard is not limited to government officials and environmental or climate activists. The general public at large is also required to take these matters seriously. The Centre for Environmental Awareness, Climate Change and Legal Framework is an initiative by NLU Tripura to promote environmental protection and address climate change at all levels, taking into consideration all stakeholders. The Centre is responsible for fostering environmental protection, addressing the issue of climate change, and dealing with the legal complexities associated with them. The Centre intends to undertake several activities to accomplish its purpose in the most constructive and effective manner. The Centre aims to contribute to society by creating awareness about the depletion of the health of the environment, the possible consequences of climate change, and the associated legislative framework. It also aims to facilitate research in the area of law and the environment as a whole, along with taking steps in the direction of advancing policy frameworks and governance.