Centre for Global Public Health Law and Policy

The concern of public health has gained a lot of significance in the world due to diminishing levels of immunity and the worsened state of pollution. The COVID-19 pandemic tested the norms of public health law and compelled the government to formulate effective public health policies. The Centre for Global Public Health Law and Policy recognizes the importance of public health law and policy-making in the sphere of societal growth. The Centre will collaborate with the government to assist in the framing of policies for public health. It will conduct research in the field of public health and critically examine the law in order to work for its improvement. The Centre will also provide assistance to the government in implementing its policies in the most functional manner. It will encourage dialogue to enable a reformative approach to the contentions of public health. Society lacks awareness on the subject of public health; therefore, the Centre will conduct sensitization drives to raise consciousness in society regarding the gravity of public health matters, especially women’s health.