Centre for Access to Justice and Legal Aid

Legal Aid is a significant part of our country’s justice system. Given our understanding of the economic situation of most of the members of society, we recognize that a large portion of the population of our country cannot afford a lawyer and may not be even aware of the availability of legal aid. Many people are unaware of their rights as outlined in the Constitution of India. The provision of free legal aid to those who cannot afford it is intended to ensure access to justice for all, regardless of their knowledge on their own rights or their financial circumstances. The centre will serve as a bridge between legal practitioners and those who cannot afford legal representation. Its goal is to inform litigants about their rights and provide them with the necessary legal assistance. The aim is to expand the Centre’s reach to various segments of society and help the marginalized and uneducated communities understands their rights and utilize them for their own benefit. The community benefits from access to free legal services that they might not otherwise have access to, and the Centre works to ensure justice for all.