Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research

The Centre aims to bring forth the rich cultural heritage of the North East, which is yet undiscovered in the nation. It intends to attract attention from the rest of the nation, policymakers, and other officials to the North Eastern region. The centre aims to promote studies and research in the fields of social sciences, economics, political science, history, culture, and ecology of the North East region of India. This would assist better policy-making through the dispersion of field knowledge and foster further development in the region. With this centre, the college endeavours to create a better understanding of the unique socio-cultural fabric and issues of the region. The Centre desires to tap into research and field studies about various untouched aspects of life in this region. The Centre would create a much-needed link between practical conditions and research and further between the outcome of research and practical analysis and policy formulation. The centre encourages scholars to undertake research projects on various aspects of the North East. The centre will organize seminars and workshops, bringing together a multitude of researchers and scholars to discuss the latest research findings from the region.