Tripura Dialogue Forum (TDF)

National Law University Tripura believes in the power that young minds hold. The group of intellectually stimulated students and faculty here will participate in the development of the state of Tripura through dialogue, discussion, and deliberation on various key topics. Discussion on topics in the domains of health, education, policy, and associated legal intricacies are all part of this forum. The primary aim of the forum is to bring together experts, scholars, policymakers, activists, and the community to exchange ideas and present solutions to the problems faced by the region. The institution is willing to play a part in the growth of the state. This forum would encourage people to come up and participate in this event for an exchange of opinions, thoughts, and knowledge. The forum would look forward to hosting different dignitaries to enrich the people with their valuable knowledge and widen their horizons of thought. It desires to organize various events, seminars, workshops, and conferences to support its objectives. This forum would foster the art of understanding through its sessions. Tripura Dialogue Forum is a valuable forum for facilitating productive discussions and debates to foster sustainable development, social harmony, and cultural exchange.