Centre for Tribal Studies and Social Justice

The Centre has been formed to secure social justice for the people belonging to different tribes. Tripura has a rich cultural heritage and is home to more than 15 tribes. The Centre is being established with the objective of studying the history, culture, and social issues of the tribal communities in India and providing a platform for scholars and researchers to share their knowledge and insights. This Centre aims to protect these tribes from any forms of social injustice, promote their inclusion in society with due respect and research a wide range of social, economic, and legal issues associated with them. The Centre aims to understand the sensitive issues of self-governance, families, the social dogma tribal people face and many more, which will be discovered during the course of the research conducted in pursuance of the objectives of the Centre. Apart from research and academic programs, the Centre will also conduct various outreach activities. These activities include community engagement programs, seminars, conferences, and workshops, aimed at raising awareness about the issues faced by tribal communities and generating solutions for their problems. The centre will also collaborate with other institutions and organizations working in the field of tribal studies to create a network of researchers and scholars.